Largest development project in Samana coming in 2023

Alma de Samana Golf Resort & Residences is a world-class resort destination located on the southern side of the Samaná Peninsula, nestled upon Samaná Bay.  Let’s be neighbors and enjoy being human and kind to one another while living in a tropical paradise.

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Where happiness lives


More than a resort, we embrace the community


Humanity is the destination

Somehow along the way, we lost something. Something big, something important, something fundamental to us as human beings. In the midst of being busy doing, browsing, working, we forget to pause, to ponder to take in, not just what is around us, but those who are amongst us. Our compassion, our empathy, our connection to one another went astray, so we decided to bring it back. 

At Samana’ Bay we believe in Goodness, we believe that great things happen when people come together and we believe we have the power to effect change if we so choose. That is why we created Samana’ Bay to bring those magical moments when people connect, the nuggets of joy when we open ourselves to the world around us, sharing its beauty and its miracles. Samana’ Bay is about celebrating life and its charm, being present, being grateful and being attune to the universe and its rhythm. Because at Alma De Samana, humanity is the destination. 

Spirit of Generosity / Being Human

Our spirit is social, open, generous, and warm. We embrace everyone, whatever their background, their color or gender. Our welcome is that of a friend – you can say we are like a big warm hug. “We don’t have fun, unless everyone gets some”

Joyful & Daring

We know that life is what you make of it, so we choose to celebrate it – from little moments of joy, to the bigger life-changing experiences. We listen to the tunes, we take in the views, we indulge in the freshens of nature. We sing, we laugh we dance together. Isn’t life just wonderful!

Fairness & Balance

Fairness/ Balance is not just a value we believe in, it is a responsibility we carry. We know life is not always smooth-sailing and can go off course. We strive to bring an order, a rhythm and a balance to it all. Balance is all about the harmony, within and with our surrounding.

Our Development Team

Diana Lynch, CEO
Alma De Samana

Our management team has decades of experience in the real estate development and hospitality industries.  To ensure the vision of the project is executed flawlessly and remains authentic to the location, we have partnered with the very best in the industry.  Our development team consists of the world renowned master planning team, Daedalus Design London, and European Golf Design, the masterminds behind some of the most notable courses played on the European Golf Tour.  

Alma de Samaná sets itself apart from all other integrated resort destinations with its approach to engagement and interaction with the local community, embracing the heritage and natural beauty of the land and creating a place where people are brought together to celebrate collective values.  

Finding and purchasing an international property may seem like a daunting task, but when you have the right team working for you, the process becomes an exciting journey that allows you to discover the passion we all share.

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